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Table of Contents [Vol. 4, No.6, Jun]

Mohammed ESSAID RIFFI and Abdelhamid BOUZIDI
Doi : 10.7321/jscse.v4.n6.1
Page : 85 - 92
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Abstract . A discrete cat swarm optimization is a metaheuristic based on natural behavior of cats, each cat has two modes that are the seeking mode, and the tracing mode. The seeking mode is when a cat is at rest, that’s how a cat spends most of its life time. The tracing mode is when a cat is hunting. This paper proposes a new discrete cat swarm optimization algorithm to solve the quadratic assignment problem, as one of the known combinatorial optimization problems. This problem is attributed to NP-Hard class. In order to test the performance of the algorithm described herein, we will resolve some instances of the quadratic assignment library problem.
Keyword : Cat Swarm Optimization ; Quadratic assignment problem ; Tracing mode ; seeking mode ; CSO