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Table of Contents [Vol. 6, No.1, Jan]

Jerzy Tchorzewski, Emil Chyzy
Doi : 10.7321/jscse.v6.n1.1
Page : 1 - 10
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Abstract . The paper contains the concept and the results of research concerning the evolutionary algorithm, identified based on the systems control theory, which was called the Systemically of Evolutionary Algorithm (SAE). Special attention was paid to two elements of evolutionary algorithms, which have not been fully solved yet, i.e. to the methods used to create the initial population and the method of creating the robustness (fitness) function. Other elements of the SEA algorithm, i.e. cross-over, mutation, selection, etc. were also defined from a systemic point of view. Computational experiments were conducted using a selected subsystem of the Polish Electrical Power System and three programming languages: Java, C++ and Matlab. Selected comparative results for the SAE algorithm in different implementations were also presented.
Keyword : evolutionary algorithm ; control theory ; initial population ; fitness function ; Electrical Power System ; evolutionary algorithm, conrol theory, initial pop