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Multi-hop Energy-efficient Control for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks Using Fuzzy Logic  
Alexandre Melo1,Christiano Maciel2,Suelene Correa3,Antonio Morais4
*1, UFPA, Email :
*2, UFPA, Email :
*3, UFPA, Email :
4, UFPA, Email :
Abstract .Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) have severe energy constraints imposed by limited capacity of the internal battery of sensor nodes. These restrictions stimulate the development of energy-efficient strategies aimed at increasing the period of stability and lifetime of these networks. In this paper, we propose a centralized control to elect more appropriate Cluster Heads, assuming three levels of heterogeneity and multi-hop communication between Cluster Heads. The centralized control uses the k-means algorithm, responsible for the division of clusters and Fuzzy Logic to elect the Cluster Head and selecting the best route of communication. The study results indicate that the proposed approach can increase the period of stability and lifetime in WSN.
Keywords : heterogeneous WSN ; cluster head ; fuzzy logic ; k-means

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