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Online Advertisement System: A New Intelligent Approach  

 Thomas Chowdhury1,Happy Rani Debi2

 Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology, Bangladesh,

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Abstract .Advertising over the internet has gained great momentum in recent years. Compare to other traditional media such as television and newspapers, the internet and World Wide Web provides a more rapid ways for advertising and it largely decreases the cost of publishing and updating advertisements. Currently different types of websites normally host lots of advertisements as an embedded system but apparently it is not relevant and consistent to the users’ interest. In this paper, an online intelligent advertising system has been introduced which provides more efficient, effective, and smart solution for online advertising. It provides advertisements according to the user’s activities such as user’s visit like or dislike by calculating the priority from the trust network among the users. Besides, it represents advertisements according to user’s information such as location, environment, gender, income etc. An intelligent approach has been proposed in the paper that attempts to learn a user’s profile from his given information and finally suggest relevant advertisements accordingly.
Keywords : online advertising system; trust network; embedded system; intelligent approach; subjective logic

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