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A Dynamic Rule-based Approach for Self-adaptive Map Personalisation Services  
Basel Magableh1,Michela Bertolotto2
*1, University College Dublin, Email :

*1, Ireland, Email :
*2, Ireland, Email :

Abstract .With continuous increase of available geographical information services, requirements for personalising map content according to the user’s profile and context information are increasingly important. Map personalisation applications could adapt their functionality/behaviour to provide the user with specific spatial data related to his interests at runtime. However, this can be achieved if map applications are able to filter and prioritise geospatial data using dynamic decision-making processes, which considers users’ profiles and context for selecting and styling map content according to their needs. To this aim, this article proposes a new approach for map personalisation using dynamic rule-based engine, which provides the map application with the ability to change its styles and rules dynamically according to users’ profiles. This approach differs from the majority of existing works, which seek to embed the styling rules on the functional implementation of the map application. In addition, the personalisation engine is integrated with context-driven adaptation, which allows the application to monitor, detect, analyse, and react over changes on the computational environment and users’ profiles. This enables map applications to use a styling rule that provides different levels of personalisation and adapt to changes in the computational environment including level of resources and quality of services.
Keywords : self-adaptive map personalisation service ; context oriented software development ; map personalisation

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