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A Soft Computing System for Resource Management of Femtocell Networks  
Sami Alwakeel1,Muhammad Ammad-uddin2
*1, King Saud University, Email :
2, Sensor Networks & Cellular System Research Center, Tabuk University, Email :
Abstract .Femtocell is a small cellular base station, typically designed for use in a home or small business. With a Public access to Femtocell system, a large number of public users will migrate to the Femtocell network, whenever they enter the Femtocell coverage area. As a result, the Femtocell will be severely congested, and its home users will suffer from performance degradation. In this study, we propose a soft computing system forcall admission in Femtocell networks. The system allows public call to be accepted only if it does not degrade the performance of Femtocell indoor home calls. The system constitutes of both resource partition policy and a call admission algorithm for dynamic resource management of Femtocell network. The partition based control policy allows Femtocell resource partition and prioritizes its calls as: Femtocell voice calls, Femtocell data calls, Handover public voice calls, Handover public data calls, New public voice calls, and New public data calls respectively. The Call Admission Control (CAC) algorithm is implemented for optimization of the calls admission to the Femtocell network partitions. We tested this policy with the combination of six different CAC algorithms 1- Open Access (OA), 2- Restricted Access (RA), 3- Open Shared Access (OSA), 4-Probabilistic Shared Access (PSA), 5-Probabilistic Access (PA) and 6-Bayesian based dynamic probability Access (BDP). The performance results of these algorithms are compared. The research results shows that our proposed soft computing based system for dynamic management of Femtocell resources improves network efficiency and throughput.
Keywords : Soft computing based Femtocell resource management ; Soft computing based Femtocell resource management

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