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Using Voronoi Diagram and Genetic Algorithm to Deploy Nodes in Wireless Sensor Network  

 Farhad Nematy1,Naeim Rahmani2

*1 Technical and Vocational University, Tabriz Branch, Iran, Email :
2 Islamic Azad University, Tabriz Branch,
Iran, Email :

Abstract .A wireless sensor network (WSN) is a large-scale ad-hoc multi-hop network deployed (usually, at random) in a region of interest for surveillance purpose. Coverage is one of the important aspects of wireless sensor networks and many approaches introduced to maximize it. In this paper, a novel approach for maximizing coverage proposed. Voronoi diagram divides the field into cells and inside of each cell some holes exist. Different number of additional nodes must be placed inside cells to cover the holes because voronoi cells have different sizes. Genetic algorithm is used to determine best places for additional nodes to maximize the coverage. The proposed algorithm is distributed and optimization for each voronoi cell can be done in parallel to others. Optimal placement of nodes can guarantee the maximum coverage with less number of nodes and energy consumption decreases. Simulations results show that our new approach can outperform other earlier works.
Keywords : wireless sensor network; voronoi diagram; genetic algorithm

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