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A Probabilistic Approach to Discover Heterogeneous Network Topologies  

Kevin Fuchs1


*1 Heilbronn University, Data Center, Germany, Email :

Abstract .This paper introduces a new approach for the automated discovery of heterogeneous network topologies. The algorithm uses only information that is stored in the Address Forwarding Tables (AFTs) of the network devices. There have been different efforts to find an algorithmic solution using only AFTs. This has always involved the problem that AFTs contain incomplete information, which made it difficult to develop efficient solutions. This paper describes a new probabilistic method, for which the basis is the calculation of degrees to which entries in the AFTs overlap. These overlap degrees are used to calculate interconnection probabilities of network devices. Finally the topology which is the most probable one is selected. Although the search space may become extremely large, the algorithm is pleasantly efficient.
Keywords : topology discovery; heterogeneous networks ; link layer; overlap degrees of address sets; connection probabilities; Kruskal’s algorithm

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