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Analysis and Improvement of Energy Consumption for Providing Mobile Web Services  
Marc Jansen1
*1, University of Applied Sciences Ruhr West, Email :
Abstract .One of the technical building blocks of Cloud Computing infrastructures are Web Services. With respect to mobile devices their role as Web Service consumers is widely accepted and today a large number of mobile applications already consume Web Services in order to fulfill their task. Still, not much research is conducted, as yet, to allow deploying Web Services on mobile devices and thus uses these kinds of devices as Web Service providers. This paper presents an analysis of one already implemented approach for provisioning mobile Web Services with respect to energy/battery consumption. Here, after shortly presenting the implementation for the provisioning of mobile Web Services an evaluation of the battery consumption that results in using the approach is presented. Last but not least, an improvement with respect to the battery consumption is presented. The performance test shows that the improved approach provides a reasonable way to introduce Web Service provisioning for mobile devices.
Keywords : mobile devices; Web Services; mobile Web Service p

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