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A Security Plan For Smart Grid Systems Based On AGC4ISR  

Ghazal Riahi

*1Payam Noor University, Email:

Abstract .Today security plan has a key factor in all computing systems. We were using two infrastructures in this paper. First, Smart Grid, which has many benefits of distributed computing and communications to deliver a real-time information and enable the near-instantaneous balance of supply and demand at the device level. The second, AGC4ISR architecture, which is organizing with Autonomic Grid Computing and C4ISR (Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence, Surveillance, & Reconnaissance) Architecture. This paper proposed a security plan for Smart Grid System based on AGC4ISR. We will present a solution for as security plan for encryption, intrusion detection, management and detail of cyber security in Smart Grids. In this paper, we were using the cryptography for the packet in the AGC4ISR and management for sending and receiving the packet in the smart grid. This role is necessary for smart grids to keeping away from packet missing.
Keywords : Security Plan, Encryption, Intrusion Detection, Key management, C4ISR, AGC4ISR, SAGC4ISR

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