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A Method Of Asymptotic Reaching The Shannon Bound  
Nikita Shilnikov1
*1, National Research University of Electronic Technology Moscow, Russia 124498, Russia, Email :
Abstract .With the integrated use of frequency-efficient mod- ulation and high-speed energy-effective noise-immune coding it is possible to reach Shannon’s bound asymptotically. It is the main reason why this article deals with not binary but ternary concatenated codes (TCC) together with two dimensional modulation QAM-9. The flowchart of processing proposed by the authors imply the use of two-dimensional QAM modulation and two NC-codecs (in each quadrature branch). The signal processing method based on the flowchart makes it possible to approach to Shannon’s bound asymptotically with lowest power consumption Ebit/N0 =
Keywords : Noise–immune coding ; bit error rate (BER) ; constant weight subcode (CWS) ; Shannon’s bound ; ternary concatenated codes (TCC) ; word error probability ; the continuous AWGN channel

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