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Measuring the Performance of E-Learning System in Saudi Arabian Educational Environment  

 Farrukh Amin1,Norizan Yasin2

*1 Yanbu Industrial College, KSA, Saudi Arabia, Email :
2University of Malaya, Kualalumpur Malaysia, Email :

Abstract .This paper investigates the effect of the performance of E-Learning System (ELS) among the college teachers. The study incorporates DeLone & McLean (1992, 2002) model of measuring the performance of information system. In addition, it also tests the correlation among various dimensions of Information Systems. The investigation of this exploratory research states that there is higher level of user satisfaction once the system is user-friendly and easy-to-use. This leads to higher correlation between user-friendliness and fast processing and retrieval of information. This paper does not represent the views of all the users of ELS since it has been tested only in Yanbu Industrial College environment.
Keywords : E-Learning System; Information System Dimension; Individual Impact; performance measurement

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