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The Designing of Online Multiple Intelligence Tools for Lecturers at Polytechnic  

Sazilah Salam1,Siti Nurul Mahfuzah Mohamad2,Norasiken Bakar3,Linda Khoo Mei Sui4

*1 UTeM, Malaysia, Email :
2 Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka,
Malaysia, Email :
3 Norasiken Bakar,
Malaysia, Email :
4 Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM),
Malaysia, Email:

Abstract .This paper addresses the designing of Online Multiple Intelligence (MI) Teaching Tools for Polytechnic lecturers. These teaching tools can assist lecturers to create their own teaching materials without having any knowledge of Information Technology (IT) especially in programming. The theory of MI is used in this paper and this theory postulates that everybody has at least two or more intelligences. Multiple approaches embedded into a series of activities via online teaching tools must be implemented in order to achieve effective teaching and learning in the classroom. The objectives of this paper are to identify the relationship between the students self-perceived MI and their academic achievement in Polytechnic, and design online MI tools for teaching at Polytechnic. This paper also addressed the theoretical framework and MI teaching activities. The instrument used for this study was Ujian Multiple Intelligence (UMI). The results showed Polytechnic students have strength in Interpersonal, Visual-Spatial and Verbal-Linguistic intelligences.
Keywords : Multiple Intelligences ; Online Teaching Tools ; Interpersonal ; Visual-Spatial ; Verbal-Linguitic

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