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An Avant-Grade Experiential-Learning Based Integrated Pedagogical Model  

Arshia Khan

Associate Professor, CS/CIS

School of Business and Technology

The College of St. Scholastica

Duluth, MN


Abstract .Integrated curricula and experiential learning are the main ingredients to the recipe to improve student learning in higher education. In the academic computer science world it is mostly assumed that this experiential learning takes place at a business as an internship experience[3]. The intent of this paper is to schism the traditional understanding of equating experiential learning with internships. A model was created and tested in three consecutive years of software engineering classes. This model is based on the integrated curricula concept. A survey was conducted to measure the usability of this model. The results indicated that the students’ hard/technical and soft professional skills improved. The paper will first describe the model and then discuss the results of the survey. According to [1] most of the models in this are created for the freshmen whereas this model has been created for juniors and seniors who are at a level of extensive independent learning.
Keywords : Integrated Pedagogical, Experiential learning.

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