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Graphical Interface for Visually Impaired People Based on Bi-stable Solenoids  
Stanislav Simeonov1,Neli Simeonova2
*1, Burgas University, Email :
2, Burgas University , Email :
Abstract .In this paper a concept for hardware realization of graphic tactile display for visually impaired peoples is presented. For realization of tactile actuators bi-stable, solenoids and PIC based control board are used. The selected algorithm for series activation of each row of display allows using minimal number of active components to set and reset the solenoids. Finally, a program algorithm of control board is discussed. The project is funded by Bulgarian National Science Fund – NSF Grant No D-ID-02/14, 2009-2013
Keywords : tactile display; taxel; bi-stable solenoids; visua

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