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A New Control Strategy of Indoor Air Temperature in an Photovoltaic Greenhouse  

Kamel Echaieb, Amine Chouchaine, Maher Azaza, Abdelkader Mami

Physical Department Faculty of Sciences of Tunis

Elmanar University

Tunis Tunisia



Abstract .This paper presents the application of the photovoltaic energy to supply electrical power for a temperature controlling system of a greenhouse. A linearizing algorithm is applied to the physical model of the greenhouse in order to calculate the needed air flow to cool down the temperature if it exceeds a wanted level. The control of the temperature is ensured by a fan ventilation system through a DC/AC converter and an asynchronous machine. The model of the PV system and the greenhouse has been implemented in the Matlab/Simulink software and simulations have been presented to show the efficiency of the proposed system.
Keywords : Photovoltaic Energy; DC/AC inverter ; Asynchronous Machine ; Greenhouse physical model ; Linearizing algorithm

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