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Smart Simulating Energy Consumption System in Home,Building Networks  

Jihyun Lee1,Jun-Hee Park2,Kyeong-Deok Moon3,Kyungshik Lim4

*1 ETRI(Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute), Korea ,Email :
Korea ,Email :
Korea ,Email :
4 Kyoungpook National University,
Korea ,Email :

Abstract .This paper presents a simulating energy consumption (SEC) system which has real-time energy monitoring and virtual energy simulation capabilities for a specific real home environment. The energy monitoring function provides in real time not only the total amount of energy usage in a target house but detailed energy usage profiles for individual home appliances. Based on the real-time measurement of energy usage, the energy simulation function predicts energy consumption when one or more home appliances are removed or newly added virtually. All operations are visualized with 3D spatial information developed from the Building Information Modeling (BIM) database of a target house. Spatial information is integrated with device information in the home resource management middleware, where device information is directly obtained from home appliances interconnected via bridging function of home networks. The interoperability with various home appliances is also achieved by home resource management middleware. Our experimental testbed shows that the SEC system could be used as an efficient energy management tool to meet energy saving goals.
Keywords : Simulating Energy Consumption; real-time energy monitoring; smart energy management

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