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A Dynamic Real Time Car Sharing System  

 Yoram Haddad1,Yuval Cohen2,Ronen Goldsmith3

*1 Jerusalem College of Technology, Israel, Email :
*2 Jerusalem College of Technology,
Israel, Email :
*3 Jerusalem College of Technology,
Israel, Email :

Abstract .Widespread use of smartphones has, in parallel, opened a wide range of opportunities for new applications. To be sure, the ever-increasing use of digital information processing and communications devices has created a commensurate increase in electricity consumption. However, one can also develop applications which encourage and spread ecologically friendly behavior. This article presents the design and implementation of a car ride-sharing application for a mobile environment. The application enables users to share automobile transportation in an efficient and simple way. Use of this system can significantly reduce the number of private automobiles on the roads, thus yielding substantial ecological, economical, and social benefits. Since the application is designed for smartphones, the sharing facility may be implemented in realtime, from anywhere, anytime. The application is based on an algorithm for finding subroutes in a user-defined path, according to the number of matched points along the path. This application differs from existing car sharing applications in several, crucial ways. The article will describe both the system and the specific differences from other, existing software.
Keywords : Mobile communication systems; Software engineering for Internet projects; Location-dependent and sensitive; Real-time and embedded systems

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