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A New Method to Monitor the Level of Contamination on Insulators Using PWT and PCA in Electrical Distribution Networks  

 MohamadAli Amini1,AliReza Sedighi2,Mohammad T Sadeghi3,Mehdi Mirjalili4,Faride Behdad5

*1, Yazd University, Email :
2, Yazd University, Email :
3, Yazd University, Email :
4, Yazd Electric Distribution Company, Email :
5, Yazd Electric Distribution Company, Email :
Abstract .One of the problems that distribution networks are faced is occurring faults caused by contamination of insulators. These faults sometimes log to a sudden and serious damages to the system, and reduce the power system reliability and power quality. Since the insulators washing has a high cost it should be done by a primary and organized planning, although the contamination level is reduced naturally by heavy precipitation and fault probability is declined. One of the solutions of washing planning is the investigation of feeder insulators leakage current (ILC). In this paper a new method for monitoring the average of insulators contamination level using Packet Wavelet Transform (PWT) and Principal Component Analysis (PCA) has been presented. The proposed method has been examined in a three-month period and an index for contamination level has been extracted. Finally the algorithm of proposed method has been presented.
Keywords : Insulators Leakage Current ; Packet Wavelet Transform ; Principal Componenet Analysis

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