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Automatic Reference Models Development: A Framework  

Mojeeb Al-Rhman Al-Khiaty*, Moataz Ahmed

Information and Computer Science Department

King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals

Dhahran 31261, Saudi Arabia 

e-mail: {alkhiaty, moataz}

Abstract .Software reuse allows the software industry to simultaneously reduce development cost and improve product quality. Reuse of early-stage artifacts has been acknowledged to be more beneficial than reuse of later-stage artifacts. In this regard, early-stage reference models have been considered as good tools to allow reuse across applications within the same domain. However, our literature survey reported in this paper reveals that the problem of automatically developing reference models from given instances has not caught enough researchers’ attention yet. Accordingly, in this paper we propose a framework for building a reference model that captures the common and variable analysis/design practices, across the different applications in a domain. The framework considers multi-view models in assessing the commonalities and variabilities among given instances. The proposed framework incorporates learning capabilities to allow improving the quality and reusability of the reference model as it is being used.
Keywords : Reuse ; Reference Model ; Early-stage Artifacts ; Multi-view Similarity ; Merging ; Learning

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