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Intelligent Product: Mobile Agent Architecture Integrating the End of Life Cycle (EOL) For minimizing the lunch phase PLM  
Abdelhak BOULAALAM1,El Habib Nfaoui2,Omar El Beqqali3
*1, Computer science department, FSDM, Sidi Mohamed Ben AbdEllah University, Email :
2, Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah University, Email :
3, Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah University, Email :
Abstract .To improve the increasingly demands products that are customized, all business activities performed along the product life cycle must be coordinated and efficiently managed along the extended enterprise. For this, enterprise had wanted to retain control over the whole product lifecycle especially when the product is in use/recycling (End Of Life phase). Although there have been many previous research works about product lifecycle management in the beginning of life (BOL) and middle of life (MOL) phases, few addressed the end of life (EOL) phase, in particular, when the product is at the customers. In this paper, based on product embedded device identification (PEID) and mobile agent technologies, and with the advent of the development of the ‘‘intelligent products’’, we will try to improve innovation: (a) by minimize the lunch phase, (b) and the involvement of the customer in product lifecycle.
Keywords : Product lifecycle management ; End Of Life ; innovation ; Intelligent Product ; PEID ; Mobile Agent

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