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UML Artifacts Reuse: State of the Art  

Hamza Onoruoiza Salami*, Moataz A. Ahmed

Information and Computer Science Department,

King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals

Dhahran 31261, Saudi Arabia

e-mail: {hosalami, moataz}

Abstract .The benefits that can be derived from reusing software include accelerated development, reduced cost, reduced risk and effective use of specialists. Reuse of software artifacts during the initial stages of software development increases reuse benefits, because it allows subsequent reuse of later stage artifacts derived from earlier artifacts. UML is the de facto modeling language used by software developers during the initial stages of software development such as requirements engineering, architectural and detailed design. This survey analyzes previous works on UML artifacts reuse. The analysis considers four perspectives: retrieval method, artifact support, tool support and experiments performed. As an outcome of the analysis, some suggestions for future work on UML artifacts reuse are also provided.
Keywords : software reuse ; software retrieval ; UML ; CASE tool

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