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Sequencing Participatory Action Research and i* Modeling Framework in Capturing Multiple Roles Requirements  

 Siti Nurul Hayatie Ishak, Ariza Nordin

Faculty of Computer and Mathematical Sciences

MARA University of Technology

Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia



Abstract .This paper presents the conceptual framework for sequencing of Participatory Action Research (PAR) methodology with the implementation of i* modeling framework in capturing multiple roles requirements. There are multiple roles involved in the development of information system, thus it involves with difference users requirements and preferences, context as well as the demands which become a challenge in development of system. This is due to these roles where information of the project monitoring is perceived in accordance to their role and domain. In the development of information systems, requirement engineering is a vital methodology. Requirement engineering (RE) consists of several phases which elicitation is a crucial phase in RE since it requires researcher to gather the requirement from the users. Methods of eliciting requirements are now more co-operative. Based on the preliminary study of construction-based in Malaysia, evidence of dynamic requirements has been observed according to the environments, economic, technology and manpower involved in the construction project. An adaptive design for project monitoring is needed which allow the physical system to self-adapt in response to the changing environments. Adaptive design requires selecting the right techniques of requirements elicitation. The conceptual framework defined shall be used to elicit requirements from a local construction company.
Keywords : Requirement Engineering ; i* modeling framework ; Participatory Action Research (PAR) ; Action Research ; Role-Oriented Adaptive Design (ROAD)

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