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RBQA - a Proactive Business Aligned Quality Assurance Framework  

 Uttam Bhattacharya

Cognizant Business Consulting - Process & Quality Consulting

Cognizant Technology Solutions

Kolkata, India


Abstract .It is a continuing challenge for the Quality Assurance (QA) function to prove its relevance to business in the current market scenario. It necessitates moving away from traditional compliance focus to value addition through proactive risk identification, highlighting and escalation in projects / programs. Risk Based Quality Assurance (RBQA) framework is proposed to help the program / project in proactive identification of risks and to come up with optimal mitigation strategies. Quality Assurance function will play a major role in implementing this framework which ultimately preserves the relevance of this function from business perspective.
Keywords : Risk assessment ; Quality Assurance ; Risk based Quality Assurance ; Proactive Quality Assurance ; Business aligned QA

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