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Design Patterns and Documentation Recovery Based on Annotation Implementations in Source Code  

Afnan Bashir1, Ghulam Rasool2 , Komal Bashir3, Ayesha Haider Ali4, Faria Kanwal5

*1, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Lahore, Email :
2, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Email :
3, LCWU, Email :
4, LCWU, Email :
5, LCWU, Email :

Abstract .The accurate recovery of design patterns from software applications is still debatable and it depends on different types of analysis methods performed on the source code during recovery of patterns. Structural, behavioral and semantic analysis methods are used to extract patterns from source code. Most approaches used combination of these analysis methods to extract patterns from different applications but the recovery process becomes heavyweight. We present a novel design pattern recovery technique based on attributes from .Net applications using only semantic analysis. Implemented attributes enhance the comprehension of source code related with design patterns. A prototyping tool is developed to realize the concept of approach.
Keywords : Design patterns ; Reverse engineering ; Patterns recovery ; Pattern evaluation ; Documentation recovery

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