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Komal Bashir1,Faria Kanwal2,Afnan Bashir3,Ayesha Haider Ali4

*1, LCWU, Email :
2, LCWU, Email :
3, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Lahore, Email :
4, LCWU, Email :

Abstract .Safety Critical Systems play significant role in almost every domain of technology. All systems ranging from nuclear power stations to cars, in one way or other impact environment or life. Failure or malfunction in such systems may severely harm people’s lives and environment. Highest level of accuracy and perfection is required from such system. It is important to ensure quality features and plausible outcomes as a result of the intended role for which that safety critical system was designed for. This paper proposes a framework that is composed of most optimum Software Quality Assurance practices in development of such systems. Paper presents nine phases to solidify the quality assurance perspectives of the said systems.
Keywords : Safety Critical Software; Software Quality Assurance

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