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Transition from Analysis to Design: A Review and New Perspective  

Hamdi A. Al-Jamimi* , Moataz Ahmed

Information and Computer Science Department

King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia 

Email: {aljamimi, moataz}

Abstract .Analysis and design phases are the most crucial part of the software development life-cycle. Reusing the artifacts of these early phases is very beneficial to improve the productivity and software quality. In this paper we analyze the literature on the automatic transformation of artifacts from the problem space (i.e., requirement analysis models) into artifacts in the solution space (i.e., architecture, design and implementation code). The goal is to assess the current state of the art with regard to the ability of automatically reusing previously developed software designs in synthesizing a new design for a given requirement. We surveyed various related areas such as model-driven development and model transformation techniques. Our analysis revealed that this topic has not been satisfactorily covered yet. Accordingly, we propose a framework consists of three stages to address uncovered limitations in current approaches.
Keywords : software analysis ; design ; model transformation ; software reuse

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