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Formalization and Verification of Hierarchical Use of Interaction Overview Diagrams Using Timing Diagrams  
Aymen LOUATI1,Chadlia JERAD2,Kamel BARKAOUI3
*1, ENIT , Email :
2, ENIT, Email :
3, CNAM, Email :
Abstract .Thanks to its graphical notation and simplicity, Unified Modeling Language (UML) is a de facto standard and a widespread language used in both industry and academia, despite the fact that its semantics is still informal. The Interaction Overview Diagram (IOD) is introduced in UML2; it allows the specification of the behavior in the hierarchical way. In this paper, we make a contribution towards a formal dynamic semantics of UML2. We start by formalizing the Hierarchical use of IOD. Afterward, we complete the mapping of IOD, Sequence Diagrams and Timing Diagrams into Hierarchical Colored Petri Nets (HCPNs) using the Timed colored Petri Nets (timed CP-net). Our approach helps designers to get benefits from abstraction as well as refinement at more than two levels of hierarchy which reduces verification complexity.
Keywords : IOD ; Hierarchical use, formal semantics ; HCPNs, timed CP-net, verification

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