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Understanding the Process of Knowledge Transfer in Software Engineering: A Systematic Literature Review  

José Jairo CAMACHO

Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Bogotá – Colombia


Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Bogotá – Colombia


Universidad del Magdalena

Santa Marta - Colombia

Abstract .Purpose - There has been an increasing interest about knowledge management in software engineering last years, most of the attention has been focused on knowledge codification and sharing, but less in knowledge transfer. The purpose of this paper is to make a general review of the work done about knowledge transfer in software engineering. Design/methodology/approach – An opportunistic systematic literature review protocol was made, looking for answer the question about what the topics are studied knowledge transfer in software engineering as a whole, which parts of software engineering needs deeper study and how knowledge transfer could be measured. Findings – Knowledge transfer in software engineering studies could be classified in two parts: firstly the companies size (multinationals, big, medium and small) and their social capital, and secondly the software process, where were found out that software requirements have not been deeply studied since the knowledge transfer perspective. Referring measurement, it was found out that is a topic still in his infancy. Originality/value – This paper use a systematic revision protocol to better understand what work has been done concerning knowledge transfer in software engineering, and argues why more attention is needed for the knowledge transfer in software requirements.
Keywords : component; Knowledge Transfer Process; Knowledge Management; Software Engineering; Systematic Review

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