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Gamification or Crowd Sourcing for Human Computing  

Ilmi Yoon 

Associate Professor of Computer Science,               

San Francisco State University, San Francisco, USA

Abstract .Multiplayer online game or social gaming is a new multifaceted medium of communication to reach the masses (players) effectively that fosters healthy interaction and team cohesion. Recent multiplayer online game, FoldIT (Univ. of Washington) enabled ordinary game players to play for leisure while their intuitive and collaborative efforts has lead to unlocking of the structure of an AIDS-related enzyme that scientific community had been unable to unlock for a decade. Similarly, Google's image labeling game (licensed from CMU's ESP game) utilizes human's instinctual power of intuition to perform a computational task--a task computer has yet to succeed--all through playing an interactive multiplayer online game while Google collects all of the meaningful labels for image searches. These approaches, called Crowd Computing, make use of social interaction and competition tendencies to engage massive players to work together to achieve the intended objectives. 'World of Balance' is an educational multiplayer online game designed to promote the concept of ecosystem nurturing using scientific population dynamics simulation engine as backend. This game opens a mutually beneficial communication channel between biologists and masses (players). Players benefit by entertaining nurturing game and learning important aspects of ecosystem development and food-web stability while producing huge scientific data, useful for biologists to analyze population dynamics model and significantly infeasible for biologists to produce. The presentation focuses on the motivation, the current stage of the game and the challenges that the game development is facing now.
Keywords : Gamification; Crowd Sourcing; Human Computing; online game

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