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Identity Hopping Based Security Framework for Social Media Applications  
Ahmad Zmily1,Dirar Abu-Saymeh2,Dhiah Abou Tair3
*1, German Jordanian University, Email :
2, German Jordanian University, Email :
3, German Jordanian University, Email :
Abstract .With the advent of mobile devices and social networks, information and identity security concerns have increased. Mobile devices that have multiple sensing capabilities have been interfaced with social networks allowing users to post many of their activities and habits instantly onto social networks. This information can easily be used by social network providers to invade privacy and pose security risks to users. In this paper we propose an identity security framework that encapsulates a generic interface between mobile devices and social networks that utilizes identity hopping to secure and hide users' real identities. The framework also employs anti-correlation measures to prevent social network providers from being able to correlate the identities together. The proposed framework has been implemented on the Google Latitude application as a case study to hide users' real identities and prevent the service provider from tracking complete movement habits. The implementation shows the effectiveness of the proposed interface in enhancing identity security.
Keywords : Identity Security ; Hopping ; Location Privacy ; Security Framework ; Social Media Applications

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