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Impact of Social Engineering on knowledge Community  

Mohammed Shalhoub1, Abdula Bataweel2, Hassan A. Alsereihy3


*1,2,3 King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Email :

Abstract .The main objective of this article is to examine the overall information security by addressing the readiness of some more efficient attacks and attacks against the human race. This was achieved through studying the previous work in the field of information security and other relevant research areas. Also, we'll discuss using social engineering techniques against enterprise users. Through the application of methods of social engineering, we will discuss how to bridging the gap between the user and information security group. Let the best security awareness, and improve compliance with information security policy, and the least difficulties in user acceptance. We concluded that training should be given on information security awareness for all employees in the organization.
Keywords : Information security; Social engineers

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