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Role of Social Media in Advancing The Three Cs (Coordination &Cooperation& Collaboration)  

 Ibrahiem M. M. El Emary, Ph.D

Professor of Computer Science & Engineering

Information Technology Deanship, King Abdulaziz University

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Abstract .In the current time, social media plays an important role in our lives in many ways and we can also see its use in the development and humanitarian aid fields. Also, social media encapsulates Internet-based applications filled with publicly available digital content that is created, reviewed, and directed by mass users. With these basic components, social networking enables interaction and communication among Internet users, allowing them to author, edit, and share numerous types of texts, pictures, videos and audios. They are able to classify and label the content as well. The most important element of social networking is that it allows for mass socialization; that is, the enablement of collective action by Internet users. This session in interested in attracting new topics covering the major role of social network in advancing the three Cs especially in academic institutions for developing nations.
Keywords : Social Media; Coordination; Cooperation; Collaboration

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