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A Comparative Evaluation of Approaches for Web Application Testing  

 Pourya Nikfard1Suhaimi Ibrahim3 ,Mohammad Hossein Abolghasemzadeh2

*1 University Technology Malaysia (UTM), Malaysia , Email :
2 Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia , Email :

3 University Technology Malaysia (UTM), Malaysia , Email :

Abstract .Testing is one of the five main technical activity areas of software engineering. Software testing is important in quality assurance of web applications, in which test case is crucial. Compared with other software systems, web applications have many differences in the testing process. Web testing is an effective technique to ensure the quality of web applications. A number of approaches have been presented, to tackle this problem. In this paper, we classify these approaches into two classes (Functional Requirement and Non-Functional Requirement). Then, we evaluate these approaches based on some criteria (like testing criteria, technique used, performance, reliability, accuracy, testing method and testing criteria). Exploration of that categorization will help researchers who are working on web application testing to deliver more applicable solutions.
Keywords : Software Testing; Web Application testing; comparative evaluation; approaches; web application testing approaches

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