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Harmony Search Algorithm for Curriculum-Based Course Timetabling Problem  
Juliana Wahid1,Naimah Mohd Hussin2
*1, Universiti Utara Malaysia, Email :
2, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Email :
Abstract .In this paper, harmony search algorithm is applied to curriculum-based course timetabling. The implementation, specifically the process of improvisation consists of memory consideration, random consideration and pitch adjustment. In memory consideration, the value of the course number for new solution was selected from all other course number located in the same column of the Harmony Memory. This research used the highest occurrence of the course number to be scheduled in a new harmony. The remaining courses that have not been scheduled by memory consideration will go through random consideration, i.e. will select any feasible location available to be scheduled in the new harmony solution. Each course scheduled out of memory consideration is examined as to whether it should be pitch adjusted with probability of eight procedures. However, the algorithm produced results that were not comparatively better than those previously known as best solution. With proper modification in terms of the approach in this algorithm would make the algorithm perform better on curriculum-based course timetabling.
Keywords : Curriculum-based Course Timetabling; Harmony Search; Simulated Annealing

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