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Implementation and Evaluation of steganography using PN Sequences Based On Wavelet  

Dr. Eng.  Saad  M.  Khaleefah Al-Janabi

Ass.  .Prof

AL-Turath   College University


Abstract .Steganography means the use of a cover image to hide a bits of information or images in away that it is imperceptible to an observer . We use the Wavelet transforms because it gives perfect reconstruction of the original image. we proposed an algorithms that embeds the message bits stream in the LSBs of the wavelet coefficients of a color image reach up to half cover image. The algorithm used the PN sequence as a key for embedded and extracting in order to recover the embedded message without lose of quality of image. We use the MATLAB to implement the two Algorithms one for implements the embedding procedure the another for implements the Extracting procedure . The results showed the high invisibility of the proposed model even with large messages size were embedded.
Keywords : Implementation; Evaluation; Steganography; Wavelet

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