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Software Licensing in the Cloud Age  
Malcolm McRoberts
Enterprise Architecture Core Technology Center
Harris Corporation GCSD
Melbourne, Florida, USA
Abstract .Cloud computing represents a major shift in information systems architecture, combining both new deployment models and new business models. Rapid provisioning, elastic scaling, and metered usage are essential characteristics of cloud services, and they require cloud resources with these same characteristics. When cloud services depend on commercial software, the licenses for that software become another resource to be managed by the cloud. This paper examines common licensing models, including open source, and how well they function in a cloud services model. It discusses creative, new, cloud-centric licensing models and how they allow providers to preserve and expand their revenue streams as their partners and customers transition to the cloud. The paper concludes by identifying the next steps to achieve standardized, “cloud-friendly” licensing models.
Keywords : software licensing ; cloud computing ; open source ; elastic scaling ; intellectual property ; license compliance ; SaaS ; Software as a Service

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