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An Efficient Method for Improving Backfill Job Scheduling Algorithm in Cluster Computing Systems  
Zeynab Moradpour Hafshejani1,Seyedeh Leili Mirtaheri2,Ehsan Mousavi Khaneghah3,Mohsen Sharifi 4
1, 1Islamic Azad University, Email :
*2, Iran University of Science and Technology, Email :
3, Iran University of Science and Technology, School of Computer Engineering, , Email :
4, Iran University of Science and Technology, School of Computer Engineering, , Email :
Abstract .One of the most important issues in cluster computing systems is the efficient use of resources to increase the performance of systems and hence decrease their response times. These objectives can best be pursued by job schedulers in cluster computing systems. However, existing schedulers in cluster computing systems do not use resources efficiently. This paper proposes a new method for efficient allocation of submitted jobs to resources. Jobs consist of threads that are arranged in a two-dimensional matrix. Using the horizontal scanning of this matrix, threads of different jobs are allocated to different processors, preventing resources becoming idle. In previous method of scheduling, the resources are allocated to total threads of a job synchronization but in proposed method, the resources are allocated to threads of various jobs. In new method if there aren’t available resources enough for a job, threads of different jobs can run thus waste of resources are minimum. Simulation results of our proposed scheduling method show quicker cluster system response time than FCFS and Backfilling scheduling methods.
Keywords : cluster computing system; scheduling; computing resource; thread; response time

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