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A Distributed and Energy Efficient Routing based Game Theory to Congestion Avoidance in Wirelesss Sensor Network  

 Farzaneh kimiaie1,Seyed Javad Seyed Mahdavi chabok2,Reza Askari Moghadam3

*1 Mashhad Branch of Islamic Azad University, Iran, Email :
2 Dept. of Hardware Eng. and Artificial Intelligent Group, Mashhad Branch, Islamic Azad University,
Iran, Email :
3 Faculty of New Sciences and Technologies,
Iran, Email :

Abstract .One of important issues in wireless sensor networks is Routing. The essential function of a WSN is to monitor a phenomenon in a physical environment and report sensed data to a sink. A very common assumption in the analysis and development of routing algorithms is the full cooperation of the participating nodes. However, the reality may differ considerably. The existence of multiple domains belonging to different authorities or even the selfishness of the nodes themselves could result in a performance that significantly deviates from the expected one. The proposal algorithm induces a distributed and energy aware based game theory routing Simulation results show that compared to GEAR, our proposed routing scheme is almost 1.23 times more efficient in terms of network life time and 1.5 times more efficient in terms of data delivery. Simulation results show that this approach performs better than superior in total energy consumption and network lifetime.
Keywords : game theory; distributed algorithm; sensor network; aware routing; fairness

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