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The Tactical Optimal Strategy Game(TOSG) Protocol Cockpit Software Control For Massive Ordnance Penetrator Release  

Dr. Carol A. Niznik


Rochester, NY

Abstract .The Massive Ordnance Penetrator(MOP) has been developed to destroy deeply buried nuclear components by controlled release from a B2 or B52 airplane. This type of release must be cockpit software controlled by the Tactical Optimal Strategy Game(TOSG) Protocol to optimally determine the war game aspects of the dueling from other countries' MOP releases, and the depth at which the MOP explosions can occur for maximal safety and risk concerns. The TOSG Protocol characteristics of games of strategy, games of optimal strategy and tactical games are defined initially by the game of strategy as a certain series of events, each of which must have a finite number of distinct results. The outcome of a game of strategy, in some cases, depends on chance. All other events depend on the free decision of the players. A game has a solution if there exist two strategies, which become optimal strategies when each mathematically attains the value of the game. The TOSG Protocol war game tactical problem for a class of games can be mathematically modeled as a combat between two airplanes, each carrying a MOP as the specification of the accuracy of the firing machinery and the total amount of ammunition that each plane carries. This silent duel occurs, because each MOP bomber is unable to determine the number of times its opponent has missed. The TOSG Protocol realizes a game theory solution of the tactical optimal strategy game utilizing the theory of games of timing, games of pursuit, games of time lag, games of sequence, games of maneuvering, games of search, games of positioning and games of aiming and evasion. The geometric software structure for the TOSG Protocol is a game tree identifying the possible depth of explosions. This finite game tree with a distinguished vertex is embedded in an oriented plane to facilitate the definition of a strategy as a geometric model of the character of a game for the successive presentation of alternatives. The tactical optimal strategy determination by the TOSG Protocol Cockpit Software is mandatory for the execution of the correct and maximally effective MOP release by the MOP bomber.
Keywords : Tactical Game; Zero Sum Two Person Game; TOSG Protocol Cockpit Software; Aiming and Evasion Game Theory; Game Tree Geometric Structure; risk constraint; optimization theory games of timing; invariant imbedding; optimal strategy; MOP Bomber; Performance Evaluation

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