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Novel Type of Android Application Proposal: Ephemeral Authority Sharing using NFC  

 Shi-in Chang1,John Copeland2

*1 Georgia Institute of Technology, United States, Email :
2 Georgia Institute of Technology,
United States, Email :

Abstract .This paper demonstrates a novel type of a mobile NFC application based on the Android platform. Owing to the advantages of NFC features like simplicity, ease of use, and low-cost, a large number of applications using the NFC technology are spreading widely and providing convenience in everyday human life. Among the prevalent applications are making payments, ticketing, and use as a proximity card. This emerging technology is being integrated into mobile devices and is propelling a new paradigm, mobiquity, which means that every device all around us has been integrated into an interactive world with both mobility and ubiquity. There are three common modes in NFC, namely, card emulation, file reading and writing, and peer-to-peer modes. NFC is designed for a mode change among three modes according to a type of applications. Nevertheless, the peer-to-peer mode research has been less investigated by both industry and academia. Moreover, the security perspective has not received sufficient research attention as part of the application development, due to excessive reliance on the physical characteristics of the short-range communication. In this paper, we propose a new type of peer-to-peer NFC application to share sensitive data (e.g., access-authority encryption keys) with various levels of restrictions to another user, to access privilege-protected resources. The proposed application allows the resource owner to use a previously authenticated key securely stored in any of the owner's mobile devices. It also allows the owner to share the key via NFC technology with another person who wants to borrow the resource (e.g. laptop, tablet, or even car), temporarily and with limited authority.
Keywords : Near Field Communications; Security; Authentication; Android Application

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