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An Incomplete Cryptography based Digital Rights Management with DCFF  

Ta Minh Thanh

Department of Computer Science

Tokyo Institute of Technology

2-12-2, Ookayama, Meguro,

Tokyo, 152-8552, Japan.


Munetoshi Iwakiri

Department of Computer Science

National Defense Academy

1-10-20, Hashirimizu, Yokosuka,

Kanagawa, 239-8686, Japan.

Abstract .In general, DRM (Digital Rights Management) system is responsible for the safe distribution of digital content, however, DRM system is achieved with individual function modules of cryptography, watermarking and so on. In this typical system flow, it has a problem that all original digital contents are temporarily disclosed with perfect condition via decryption process. In this paper, we propose the combination of the differential codes and fragile fingerprinting (DCFF) method based on incomplete cryptography that holds promise for a better compromise between practicality and security for emerging digital rights management applications. Experimental results with simulation confirmed that DCFF keeps compatibility with standard JPEG codec, and revealed that the proposed method is suitable for DRM in the network distribution system.
Keywords : DRM (Digital Rights Management) ; Incomplete Cryptography ; Differential Codes ; Fragile Fingerprinting

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