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Homeland Defense and Security Universal Interface Software (HDUIS) Protocol Communication Gateway UIS Protocol Enhancements, Alterations and Attachments  

Dr. Carol A. Niznik


Rochester, NY

Abstract .The Universal Interface Software(UIS) Protocol was a Theater Missile Defense Gateway Protocol which linked the Strategic Defense Initiative(SDI) Architecture Killer Satellite Software Protocol to the National Test Bed Simulation Software Protocol to enable neural network shock loop operation when ICBMS were approaching the SDI Shield. A Gateway Software is required for Homeland Defense and Security Systems to communicate the sensor information from hardware and software boxes at airports and government buildings and other locations to the Global Information Grid(GIG). Therefore, a Homeland Defense and Security UIS(HDSUIS) Protocol is achieved by UIS conversion to HDSUIS for Thresholds Stabilization and GIG and terrorist sensor Enhancements, Homeland Defense and Security Lagrangian equation and GIG simulation facility timing chart Alterations, and two Catastrophe Theory Protocol Attachments to the UIS Geometric software structure inner cube. This UIS Protocol conversion to the HDSUIS Protocol will track and provide a Congestion Controlled, i.e.,prevention of deadlock and livelock, communication of (1) Shoe bombers and copycat shoe bombers, (2) deeply buried and imbedded boxes with explosives, (3) damage to lase1 equipment, (4) shoulder missile fired armament, and (5) surface to air missiles from their sensor equipment to the Global Information Grid with Theater Missile Defense Characteristics. The Homeland Defense and Security GNNO(Geometric Neural Network Overlay) Protocol will be derived as a conversion of the UIS GNNO Protocol.
Keywords : Global Information Grid(GIG); SDI Shield; Catastrophe Theory Protocol; shoe bomber; GIG Simulation Facility; sensor equipment; Strategic Defense Initiative(SDI); Lagrangian equation; UIS Protocol; HDSUIS Protocol; Homeland Defense; Theater Missile Defense; GNNO Protocol

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