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TUNeEngine: An Adaptable Autonomic Administration System  
Alain Tchana1,Suzy Temate2,Laurent Broto3,Daniel Hagimont4
*1, Joseph Fourier University, Email :
2, University of Toulouse, Email :
3, University of Toulouse, Email :
4, University of Toulouse, Email :
Abstract .The Autonomic Administration technology has proved its efficiency for the administration of complex com-puting systems. However, experiments conducted with several Autonomic Administration Systems (AAS) revealed the need to adapt the AAS according to the administrated system or the considered administration facet. Consequently, users usually have to adapt even to re-implement the AAS according to their specific needs but these tasks require high expertise on the AAS implementation that users do not necessarily have. In this paper we propose a service-oriented components approach to build a generic, flexible, and useful AAS. We present an implementation of this approach, the design principles and the prototype called TUNeEngine. We illustrate the flexibility of this prototype through the administration of a complex computing system which is a virtualized cloud platform.
Keywords : Autonomic Administration ; Adaptable System ; Components Model

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