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Multi-paradigm programming with modern languages  
Raghu Hudli1,Shrinidhi Hudli2
*1, ObjectOrb Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Email :
*2, MSRIT, Email :
Abstract .Most modern programming languages support multiple programming paradigms. For example, C++ supports procedural and object-oriented programming. Java supports mostly object-oriented programming, though one could stretch its features to write procedural programs. Languages like Ruby Python, Groovy, and Scala, among others, support functional programming, procedural programming, and object-oriented programming. Our interest is in examining the features pertaining to functional programming and object-oriented programming. Specifically, out interest is in the correspondence between closures in functional paradigm and objects. In this paper we show that closures and subsumed by objects. We demonstrate subsumption using structural analysis.
Keywords : Closure ; object-oriented programming ; functional programming

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