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Systems Engineering: Optimization on Stiefel Manifold for MIMO System  

  Vijey Thayananthan, Ahmed Alzahrani and Iyad Katib

Computer Science Department,

Faculty of Computing and Information Technology

King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah 21589, Saudi Arabia


Abstract .Applications of multiple input and multiple output (MIMO) with Stiefel manifold are growing in the next generation communications and their system engineering developments. These applications need to be optimized efficiently with less complexity and cost. In this research, optimization problems in MIMO systems using Stiefel manifold are considered. As far as general manifolds are concerned, optimization methods are applied in a different environment that deals with basic signal processing. Here, specific optimization technique, which can be applicable in current MIMO system with Stiefel manifold, is given as a methodology. The current MIMO system is a new technology, and it can be applied in the next generation technology because it uses manifolds in feedback of MIMO systems. Even though, overall performance of new and current technology is better than conventional techniques, final performance of MIMO applications is anticipated with efficient optimizations.
Keywords : Stiefel manifold; MIMO system; optimization; Feedback

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