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Mobile Healthcare Management System for Diabetes  
Asma Sbeih1,Feras Yaghmor2,Taha Abed Rabu3,Mohammad Issa4
*1, Palestine al-Ahlya University PAU, Email :
2, Palestine al-Ahlya University, PAU, Email :
3, Palestine al-Ahlya University, PAU, Email :
4, Palestine al-Ahlya University, PAU, Email :
Abstract .In recent year, the users of smart mobiles increased rapidly, and Onset of diabetes in our daily lives dramatically and thus it became like flu disease for these reasons, we want to build a smart mobile application to help diabetics manage and control their diabetes, and make a self-evaluation by inputting the results of their blood glucose, blood pressure, height, weight, diseases and other variables. There is no need for the patients to be guessing for 3 or 4 months what their A1C results will be[2]. The application will predict HbA1c from daily checking blood sugar levels with a blood sugar monitor, to remove anxiety of the unknown, and help to have a better control of the ups and downs in blood sugar. Control and remind time to take blood sugar tests, medications, make exercise and diet. Store all data taken from inputs, generate graphs for the outputs, and share it with doctors by email, or simply print it. The application is connected with online feeds and brochures about the latest diabetes news, articles, and advises will be delivered right to the mobile between the patients hands.
Keywords : Mobile healthcare ; Diabetics ; Diabetes Self-Management ; Mobile Phones ; mhealth

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