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Rating Functional Design Evaluation and scoring for systems with video sources  

Aleksandra Karimaa

Business Innovation and Development

Turku University

Turku, Finland

Abstract .High resolution cameras with powerful chips, efficient compression algorithms, and heterogeneous access to capable infrastructure favor the creation of new innovative video solutions for communication, collaboration, or video monitoring. The efficiency of such new solution is obviously important as it contributes to implementation quality and it helps to estimate the cost and direction of product development. Despite of this, the efficiency evaluation measurements are typically limited to few metrics, such as end-to-end video latency, bandwidth usage and efficiency of compression algorithms for utilizing expensive data storage space. This article presents functional approach to measuring the efficiency of systems with video sources. We propose sets of applicable metrics identifying the efficiency of system functional areas. We utilize these sets to provide an outline of evaluation tool in form of scoring system. Finally, we present the tool by evaluating efficiency aspects of designing example video system in cloud environment.
Keywords : video; scoring; functional design; efficiency

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