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A Methodology for Product Development based on Open Source Software  

 Majid Tajamolian1,Majid Taghiloo2,Mohammad Ali Agheli3

*1 Taft Branch - Islamic Azad University, Iran, Email :
*2 Pishgaman Kaipod Kavir Co.,
Iran, Email :
3 Pishgaman Kaipod Kavir Co., R&D Center,
Iran, Email :

Abstract .Traditional software development methods have different phases that must be accomplished step by step. The most important stage is the software analyzing and design phase that the result architecture will be the base of implementation. Since the framework of software is created from scratch, maximum flexibility can be found in the architecture design and development of software. But In term of methodology, product development based on open source software is different from traditional methods. In this method, software product will be produced by integration of the separate open source modules. Each of these modules is an independent standalone product and to cover the additional functional requirements, they must be putted together. To provide its own functionalities, each independent module uses a set of Blocks as a architectural component of module. In this paper, a new methodology is proposed to describe all of the challenges in the course of product development based on open source software.
Keywords : Software development methodology; Open source; FOSS; Security

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