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International Journal of Soft Computing and Software Engineering

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Subject Category: Soft Computing, Automata Theory, Software Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Information Technology, Electronics and Telecommunication Eng., Algorithms, Electrical Engineering.

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International Journal of Software Engineering and Soft Computing provide a forum for software engineering research that publishes empirical results the relevant to both researchers and practitioners. SCSE encourage researchers, practitioners, and developers to submit research papers reporting original research results, technology trend surveys reviewing an area of research in software engineering and knowledge engineering, survey articles surveying a broad area in software engineering and knowledge engineering, tool reviews and book reviews. The general topics covered by SCSE usually involve the study on collection and analysis of data and experience that can be used to characterize, evaluate and reveal relationships between software development deliverables, practices, and technologies. SCSE is a refereed journal that promotes the publication of industry-relevant research, to address the significant gap between research and practice.

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List of Topics 

Ambiguity in Software Development

Application of Object-Oriented Technology

Architecture of Object-Oriented Systems

Composition and Extension

Computer-Based Engineering Techniques

Data Modeling Techniques

History of Software Engineering

Impact of CASE on Software Development Life Cycle

Intellectual Property

Iterative Model

Knowledge Engineering Methods and Practices


Modeling Languages

Object-Oriented Systems

Project Management

Quality Management

Rational Unified Processing

Software Components

Software Deployment

Software Design and applications in Various Domain

Software Engineering Demographics

Software Engineering Economics

Software Engineering Methods and Practices

Software Engineering Professionalism

Software Ergonomics

Software Maintenance and Evaluation

Structured Analysis

Structuring (Large) OO Systems

Systems Engineering

Test Driven Development


Automata Theory

Algebraic properties of automata and languages

Grammars and automata

Estimations of parameters of codes

Relations of languages and automata to complexity theory

Turing Machine

Petri net languages

Cellular Automata

Application of Cellular Automata

Formal models

Grammatical methods

Automata as acceptors of languages

Applications of formal languages and automata

Software Security Analysis

Artificial Intelligence

Fuzzy Systems


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Release Date 9/1/2014